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Our Free Chatroom brings you into a community of day traders just like you! Talk and discuss stocks and ideas with a community of traders.


Learn all the ins and outs of what it takes to become a day trader. Courses that cater to beginner, intermediate and advanced day traders. Learn how to apply technical analysis to your daily trades and learn how to become a consistent profitable trader.

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In addition to our courses, traders also get access to hundreds of video lessons, trading resources, charting tools, chart screeners, news updates and more.

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After many years day trading and profiting from the market, I answered the plea of many of my subscribers, followers and I opened The Day Trader Chatroom. The market has taught me how to be a profitable day trader and it’s time I pay it forward by helping those with the interest to learn how to be a consistent profitable trader.

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“The day I became consistently profitable, that is the day I became a day trader. But, The Day Trader Chatroom is NOT about ME or how good I am. BUT, how GOOD we can help YOU Become! Join us today and start your journey into consistency. ” Read my story…

jesse at the dtc
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My name is Jesse Acosta I go by JesseW on social media because W is my middle initial. It belongs to my dads first name. My dad taught me early in life that if I wanted to succeed in life I needed to always give it my max effort so if I fell short I still fell in greatness. This is something I have applied in my life and it has helped me tremendously over the past 17 years of being self employed. Today I run multiple businesses and trade full time. Anyone can learn the ins and outs of trading but Learning to trade was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life because trading makes you fight your emotions and emotions are the hardest thing for any person to control. I never gave up thanks to my wife who pushed me along the way and always hearing my dad in my head letting me know to give it my all. Thanking God for blessing me with talent and my family for always believing in me I stand here a consistently profitable trader and a fiscally responsible person who just wants to share what he knows with those who want to listen.

jesseW at the DTC