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Our team has worked really had to create a site with excellent conversion rates, a site that practically sells itself. With our countless features and tools all catered to creating profitable day traders, all you need to do is bring traffic in.

Automatic Renewals

Monthly Payouts

Tracking Systems

Account Management

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Your efforts are most valuable to us and as a partner you deserve the highest commission possible. We will be paying you 20% commission of all new sign ups that use your referral code. And to thank you further we are also going to pay you 20% every time that member renews their membership.

60 Days cookies

We understand that sometimes users don't have the funds available or simply want to do a little research before they commit. This is why our site is using 60 days of cookies, which means that if a user clicks on your link today, you will still be paid for that commission even if they sign up weeks later.

Stat Tracking

We understand how important is is to track your successful campaigns, because of this we have integrated a tracking system where you will be able to identify which campaigns worked better than the others, all within your user dashboard.

Best ad wins

We believe that the best campaign should be the campaign that gets rewarded. This means that if a user clicked on a bad campaign a few days ago and then finds your amazing ad and he/she signs up, then you being the last point of contact will be referrer that gets the commission.

Do's and Don'ts of marketing


How does it work?

Super Simple! The approval process takes about 24 hours. You will have access to your account where you will have access to your unique affiliate link. All you need to do is place this link in your website, social media, blogs or share with your subscribers. Each a user signs up through your link, you get Paid!

How much can i earn an Affiliate partner?

The sky is the limit! The more users sign using your affiliate link the more you get paid. And most importantly, after some time you will be getting paid residual income. Which is for the lifetime of the members account.

When do i get paid?

We pay all of our affiliate marketers on the 1st of the month. We pay you for all the sign ups that happened on the previous month.

IS there a minimum payout?

NO, our affiliate partners get paid at the beginning of the month no matter what the amount is. Your commission is your commission!

How does renewals work?

Our affiliate program is one of a kind because we pay 20% of the membership renewal fee. That means that every time the member renews their account you get paid 20% of that sale. As long as the member is active and paying their subscription you are getting paid.

How do i get paid?

When you submit your application, you will be asked to submit your Paypal account. We will pay you directly to that account.

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