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Meet Jesse

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"After many years day trading and profiting from the market, I answered the plea of many of my subscribers, followers and I opened The Day Trader Chatroom. The market has taught me how to be a profitable day trader and it’s time I pay it forward by helping those with the interest to learn how to be a consistent profitable trader."

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My Mission As Your Mentor

My mission as a mentor is to help you become a successful trader by imparting my knowledge and experience. My job is to guide you through the complexities of the stock market, teach you about different trading strategies, and teach you a trading plan that works.

My ultimate goal is to teach you how to identify profitable trades in the market and avoid common mistakes that can lead to losses.

Overall, my goal is to help you become a confident, knowledgeable, and successful trader who can navigate the stock market with skill and precision.

"The day I became consistently profitable, that is the day I became a day trader. But, The Day Trader Chatroom is NOT about ME or how good I am. BUT, how GOOD we can help YOU Become!"

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Check what our traders think

DTC Courses

What You'll Learn

  • Understanding the Stock Market: How the stock market operates, including exchanges and the role of market makers.
  • Essential Trading Concepts: Exploring order types and the analysis of chart patterns for effective trading.
  • Stock Trading Lingo and Slang: Familiarizing oneself with common terminology and slang used in the stock market for better communication.
  • Different Trader Types and Strategies: Understanding various trader types and their respective strategies in the market.
  • Technical Indicators and Chart Reading: Learning how to use technical indicators and interpret charts for trading analysis.
  • Risk Management and Paper Trading: Emphasizing the importance of risk management and the benefits of practicing with paper trading.
  • PDT Rule and Implications: Understanding the Pattern Day Trader (PDT) rule and its impact on trading activities.
  • Selecting the Right Broker: Evaluating key factors in choosing the most suitable broker for trading needs.
  • Course Outcome: Equipping participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the stock market, execute trades strategically, and make informed decisions based on technical analysis and chart patterns.

What You'll Learn

  • Fundamentals of the Stock Market: Understanding the basics of the stock market, exchanges, and the role of market makers.
  • Stock Trading Lingo and Order Types: Exploring stock trading terminology and different types of orders.
  • Importance of Paper Trading: Recognizing the value of paper trading and its benefits for skill development.
  • Types of Traders and Strategies: Examining various trader types and their respective trading strategies.
  • Reading Charts: Mastering chart reading techniques, including candlesticks and support/resistance lines.
  • Proven Chart Setups and Volume Analysis: Learning effective chart setups and utilizing volume analysis for trading decisions.
  • Introduction to Technical Analysis: Understanding technical analysis tools such as Level 2 and time and sales.
  • Trading Chart Patterns and Indicators: Exploring different trading chart patterns and indicators for market analysis.
  • Using Patterns and Indicators: Leveraging patterns and indicators to identify optimal entry and exit points.
  • Developing and Executing Trading Plans: Creating and implementing effective trading plans for consistent results.
  • Managing Day Trading Psychology: Addressing psychological factors such as fear, greed, and FOMO in day trading.
  • Risk Management and Pitfall Avoidance: Applying risk management techniques and avoiding common trading mistakes.
  • Practical Aspects of Trading: Navigating pre-market stock selection, creating watchlists, and transitioning to live trading.

What You'll Learn

  • Unveiling swing trading: Understanding the essence and principles of swing trading as a trading style.
  • Chart analysis for swing trades: Exploring the essential charts and indicators utilized to assess and gauge swing trading opportunities effectively.
  • Mastering swing trading setups for continuation: Discovering proven patterns and trends that indicate a stock’s potential for sustained price movement.
  • Unraveling swing trading reversal setups: Acquiring the skills to identify potential turning points in the market, enabling successful counter-trend swing trades.
  • Delving into the psychology of a Swing Trader: Understanding the psychological aspects of trading and implementing strategies to maintain discipline and confidence.
  • Effective risk management for Swing Traders: Learning specialized techniques to mitigate risks and protect capital while engaging in swing trading.
  • Critical factors to monitor: Recognizing significant considerations such as biotech offerings or cash-intensive companies after substantial price runs.
  • Finding valuable Swing Trades: Practical guidance on locating lucrative swing trading opportunities, supplemented by real-life examples and scenarios.

What You'll Learn

  • Shorting a stock: Understanding the concept and mechanics of short selling in the stock market.
  • Identifying shorting opportunities: Developing the skills to recognize potential trades with favorable shorting prospects.
  • Trading a bear flag: Exploring the bear flag pattern and learning how to effectively trade it.
  • Head and shoulder pattern: Analyzing the head and shoulder pattern as a reliable indicator for shorting opportunities.
  • Shorting gap downs: Learning strategies and techniques for capitalizing on gap-down openings.
  • Shorting gap ups: Understanding the dynamics and approaches to shorting stocks with gap-up openings.
  • Secondary trade plans: Developing backup plans and alternative strategies in response to changing market conditions.
  • The risk of front side strength: Recognizing the challenges and risks associated with shorting stocks exhibiting front side strength.
  • Real-world examples of shorts: Studying and analyzing actual short trades to gain practical insights and learn from real-life scenarios.

What You'll Learn

  • Understanding options: Exploring the concept and mechanics of options trading.
  • Call and put options: Learning the characteristics and uses of call and put options.
  • In the money and out of the money: Understanding the implications of these terms in relation to options pricing.
  • Strike price: Examining the significance and role of strike prices in options contracts.
  • Expiration date: Navigating the importance and impact of expiration dates in options trading.
  • Intrinsic value: Understanding the concept of intrinsic value and its influence on options’ worth.
  • Extrinsic value: Delving into the factors contributing to the extrinsic value of options.
  • Exercise options: Learning about the process and implications of exercising options contracts.
  • Selecting the right expiration date: Strategies for choosing the most suitable expiration date for options trades.
  • Choosing an optimal strike price: Techniques for selecting the appropriate strike price based on trading objectives.
  • Risk management in options trading: Understanding how to effectively manage risk by considering percentage risk, expiration dates, and strike prices.
  • Day trading options: Techniques and considerations for day trading options contracts.
  • Importance of being a diverse trader: Exploring the benefits of diversifying trading strategies and incorporating swing trading and futures trading into the options trading approach.



What You'll Learn

  • Fundamentals of Futures Contracts: Exploring the basics of futures contracts, their differences, and how they function.
  • Overview of Specific Futures Contracts: Understanding popular futures contracts like S&P500, E-Mini, and Micro E-Mini.
  • Benefits of Trading Futures Contracts: Examining the advantages of trading futures compared to equities and options.
  • Key Aspects in Futures Trading: Considering crucial elements such as leverage, volatility, short selling, hedging, and liquidity.
  • The attractiveness of Futures Trading: Discovering the reasons why some traders prefer futures trading over other instruments.
  • Profit Potential and Common Mistakes: Assessing the profit potential, contract selection, and common errors in futures trading.
  • Strategies for Success: Developing strategies for risk management, emotional control, continuous learning, and disciplined trading.
  • Advanced Pattern Recognition and Technical Analysis: Learning advanced techniques for pattern recognition and technical analysis in futures trading.
  • Importance of Risk Management: Emphasizing the significance of risk management and identifying and mitigating risks in futures trading.
  • Integrating Technical Analysis and Risk Management: Integrating advanced technical analysis with risk management principles for successful futures trading.
  • Getting Funded and Evaluation Account Journey: Gaining insights into obtaining funding and navigating the evaluation account process through real-life stories and experiences.


How is each course structured?

The courses are broken down into sections with individual quizzes designed to test you on what you learned from the material.

Is this the full curriculum?

Yes, this special is providing you with the full DTC curriculum that includes all the courses we currently have available.

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