Intermediate Course


About Course

Welcome to Day Trading, there has never been a better time to learn! In this course you will learn a little more than just the basics of day trading, we will dive into popular patterns and day trading mindsets. 

What Will You Learn?

  • Who we are
  • Who Is JesseW
  • Why Most Traders Fail
  • There Is Hope, What to expect as a new trader
  • The Importance of becoming a diverse trader
  • Common Day Trading Pattern
  • Understanding the most common Patten
  • Using chart patterns correctly
  • Using Volume with the Chart Pattern
  • Learning how to control the Fear of Day Trading
  • Learning how to control your emotions
  • Human Behavior in Day Trading

Course Content

Intro to the Day Trader Chatroom

How To Properly Analyze Chart Patterns

How to get over Fear of Trading

Human Behavior in Day Trading

End of Sample Intermediate Course