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Trading Chatroom

Join our Daily Live Chatroom and become part of a community of day traders just like you! Watch as lead trader JesseW searches the stock & futures markets for an opportunity as well as the rest of the team of traders.

Live Trades

Watch and learn from JesseW as he trades live and comments why he chose the position and what his thought process was. Get all the insights of a consistent day trader as they happen.

Educational Courses

With this two week trial you also get direct access to two of courses built specifically for beginner and intermediate traders. Learn all the ins and outs of what it takes to become a day trader. 

Stock Scanners & Charts

Take advantage of live no lag streaming of our stock scanners & charts free and watch as stocks hit the gap scans, high of day scanner or daily winner and losers list along with charting.

Educational Trade Alerts

Live Educational Alerts from JesseW and our moderators. These trade alerts tell you when Jesse buy and when he sells certain stocks, this helps you learn why JesseW enters and exits trades.

Video Lesson Library

With the two week trial you get a sample of our Video Lesson Library, a section of our website with over 300 video lessons teaching you about the technical analysis, fundamental lessons and more.


"The day I became consistently profitable, that is the day I became a day trader.
But, The Day Trader Chatroom is NOT about ME or how good I am.
BUT, how GOOD we can help YOU Become!
Join us today and start your journey into consistency. "

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