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Risk Management in Action

This Videos About Day Trading is great, it gives a great explanation about risk management and how to achieve it.

How to Maximize Winners & Minimize Losers

Great video on how to maximize winners while minimizing your losers. This a great video lesson that everyone should pay attention to. Most traders you see today only know how to buy low and sell high, but what happens when the stock doesn’t move how you expected it and all of a sudden you are holding a position waiting to hit you entrance once again? Well, that is exactly what this lesson is about. Learning how to maximize on your winners and minimize your losers. 

When the Market has No Trend or Consistency

This video lesson was from a very choppy day and it shows that even the pros have bad days. But just because it’s a bad doesn’t mean you have to lose a lot of money in the market. This lesson goes over some of the tips and tricks profitable traders recommend using to first identify a choppy market. And lastly, how to trade the choppy market. Because if one is not careful, the market can basically take back all of your profits plus some.

Free Day Trading Videos

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