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Day trading course chapters

Stock Market 101

Stock Market 101
What is the stock market
What is PDT Rule
How to get around PDT
Tips about brokers

Diferent type of traders

Different types of trading
Swing trading
Momentum scalping
Dip buying

Intro to trading charts

How to read charts
Trading stock charts
Candle sticks
Intro to technical analysis
Volume, EMA and VWAP

Free Day Trading Course

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Free Day Trading Course

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IS it really free?

Yes, the course is absolutely free! You can learn to day trade for free with our course.  Nothing is required except an email to make sure you are a real person. 

How long is the course?

The course is broken down into 3 chapters plus a bonus section that will teach you about the basics of the stock market.

How is the course structured?

The course is broken down into sections with individual quizzes designed to test you on what you learned from the material.

Is it really a day trading courses for beginners?

Yes, the course was built with beginners in mind. For those who are completely new to the market and want to learn about day trading. 

Why is the course Free?

We want anyone interested in day trading, to learn from our free day trading course. Our mission is to teach as many people as possible about the market before they decide to invest their hard-earned money into it. A little education can go a long way.

Is this a full course?

The free stock trading course is very basic and is meant to help you, the very beginner, learn about how the market works. This is the first step into a proper day trading education. Our full courses will help you learn a lot of the necessary tools needed in order to become a profitable day trader.

What You'll Learn

  • Stock Market 101: Understanding the basics of the stock market and its functioning.
  • PDT Rule: Exploring the Pattern Day Trading (PDT) rule and its implications for traders.
  • How to Get Around PDT: Learning strategies and techniques to navigate and comply with the PDT rule.
  • Types of Traders: Exploring different trading styles and approaches, including swing traders, momentum scalpers, dip buyers, and investors.
  • Intro to Charts: Getting acquainted with charts as a fundamental tool in stock market analysis.
  • Reading Charts: Developing skills to interpret and analyze stock charts effectively.
  • Candlesticks: Understanding the significance and interpretation of candlestick patterns in chart analysis.
  • Volume: Exploring the role of volume in understanding market activity and price movements.
  • EMA (Exponential Moving Average): Learning about the EMA indicator and its application in chart analysis.
  • VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price): Understanding the VWAP indicator and its importance in assessing intraday price levels.
  • And More!: Exploring additional charting tools, indicators, and techniques to enhance trading analysis and decision-making.

What You'll Learn

  • Intro to A Diverse Trader: Setting the right expectations as a new trader and learning from common pitfalls.

  • Setting Yourself Apart: Understanding why most traders fail and strategies to differentiate yourself from the crowd.

  • The Importance of Being a Diverse Day Trader: Recognizing the benefits of diversifying your trading approach and adapting to different market conditions.

  • Analyzing Chart Patterns: Mastering common chart patterns and their application in various market scenarios.

  • Volume Analysis: Understanding the significance of volume and effectively incorporating it into trading analysis.

  • Combining Volume and Patterns: Utilizing volume in conjunction with chart patterns to identify optimal entry points.

  • Overcoming FOMO and Fear of Trading: Addressing the impact of position size on fear and developing plans to manage emotions.

  • Psychological Techniques for FOMO: Leveraging psychology to overcome the fear of missing out and make rational trading decisions.

  • Human Behavior in Day Trading: Exploring the role of human behavior and emotions in trading and using logical reasoning to mitigate their influence on decision-making.