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Someone on Reddit said not to sell AMC at all-time highs

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Meet Jesse

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"After many years day trading and profiting from the market, I answered the plea of many of my subscribers, followers and I opened The Day Trader Chatroom. The market has taught me how to be a profitable day trader and it’s time I pay it forward by helping those with the interest to learn how to be a consistent profitable trader."

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My Mission As Your Mentor

My mission as a mentor is to help you become a successful trader by imparting my knowledge and experience. My job is to guide you through the complexities of the stock market, teach you about different trading strategies, and teach you a trading plan that works.

My ultimate goal is to teach you how to identify profitable trades in the market and avoid common mistakes that can lead to losses.

Overall, my goal is to help you become a confident, knowledgeable, and successful trader who can navigate the stock market with skill and precision.

"The day I became consistently profitable, that is the day I became a day trader. But, The Day Trader Chatroom is NOT about ME or how good I am. BUT, how GOOD we can help YOU Become!"

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“I only needed $3,000 to pass the evaluation but I ended up making over $6,000 just because I could! And I Will Teach You How!”

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Check what our traders think

Course Curriculum

  • What is a Futures Contract and How Does it Work?
  • S&P500 Futures Contract: An Overview
  • E-Mini Contract: Understanding the Basics
  • Margin Requirement for Trading E-Mini Contracts
  • Micro E-Mini Contract: A Smaller Alternative
  • Differences between E-Mini and Micro E-Mini Contracts
  • Benefits of Trading Futures Contracts Over Equities
  • Leverage in Futures Trading: Potentially High Returns but Greater Risk
  • Volatility in Futures Trading: Greater Potential Profits or Losses
  • Short Selling in Futures Trading: Profit from a Decline in Underlying Asset
  • Hedging in Futures Trading: Manage Risk with Price Movements of Underlying Asset
  • Liquidity in Futures Trading: Always Available Buyers or Sellers
  • Reasons why some traders prefer futures trading over stocks or options
  • Differences between futures contracts and options contracts
  • Commissions for futures trading and what to expect
  • Commission structures, including per-contract and volume discounts
  • Importance of comparing commission and fee structures before entering into futures trading.
  • Understanding the Profit Potential of E-Mini and Micro E-Mini Futures
  • E-Mini vs. Micro E-Mini Futures: Which Contract is Right for You?
  • Best Futures Contracts for Day Trading: Top 4 Popular Options
  • E-Mini S&P 500 Futures: A Barometer for the US Stock Market
  • Day Trading Gold Futures: A Safe-Haven Asset for Short-Term Profit
  • Common Mistakes New Traders Make When Switching to Futures
  • Areas Where Futures Traders Fail the Most
  • Strategies for New Traders to Succeed in Today’s Futures Market
  • The Importance of Risk Management in Futures Trading
  • Key Steps for New Futures Traders to Take Before Trading with Real Money
  • The Role of Trading Strategy in Winning and Losing in Futures Trading
  • The Importance of Risk Management for Successful Trading
  • Emotional Control: A Key Factor in Trading Success
  • Continuous Learning and Development in Trading
  • Discipline and Consistency: Essential Traits of a Winning Trader
  • Learn about patterns and strategies in trading
  • Discover how to trade patterns and strategies correctly
  • Find out how to make a profit using patterns and strategies
  • Learn how to consistently profit from patterns and strategies
  • Understanding Advanced Technical Analysis in Futures Trading
  • How Advanced Technical Analysis Helps Traders Make Informed Decisions
  • The Importance of Risk Management in Futures Trading
  • Identifying and Mitigating Risks in Futures Trading
  • Integrating Advanced Technical Analysis and Risk Management for Profitable Futures Trading
  • How To Pass An Evaluation Account
  • My Evaluation Account Story


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, after purchasing the futures course, if you decide to purchase the full curriculum within 30 days, we will offer a discount equivalent to the amount you paid for the initial course.

Yes, this is a full course designed to teach traders who have never traded futures, all of the necessary ins and outs on how to become profitable. 

In this course, you will learn how to become a profitable futures trader and how you can get funded by a prop firm. So that you can use their funds instead of yours. 

No, the futures course is one out of the many courses we have available. Visit our Home page to see the full DTC curriculum. 

Once you have bought the course, you will gain access to the members’ area, where you can take the course and its quizzes.

The futures course comprises 2.5 hours of material, which typically takes several days for most traders to finish as they engage in studying and note-taking.

Yes, the course will have quizzes after every lesson in order to ensure that you are retaining the information.

Yes, all of our course material, quizzes and lessons are all mobile friendly.

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What You'll Learn

  • Fundamentals of Futures Contracts: Exploring the basics of futures contracts, their differences, and how they function.
  • Overview of Specific Futures Contracts: Understanding popular futures contracts like S&P500, E-Mini, and Micro E-Mini.
  • Benefits of Trading Futures Contracts: Examining the advantages of trading futures compared to equities and options.
  • Key Aspects in Futures Trading: Considering crucial elements such as leverage, volatility, short selling, hedging, and liquidity.
  • The attractiveness of Futures Trading: Discovering the reasons why some traders prefer futures trading over other instruments.
  • Profit Potential and Common Mistakes: Assessing the profit potential, contract selection, and common errors in futures trading.
  • Strategies for Success: Developing strategies for risk management, emotional control, continuous learning, and disciplined trading.
  • Advanced Pattern Recognition and Technical Analysis: Learning advanced techniques for pattern recognition and technical analysis in futures trading.
  • Importance of Risk Management: Emphasizing the significance of risk management and identifying and mitigating risks in futures trading.
  • Integrating Technical Analysis and Risk Management: Integrating advanced technical analysis with risk management principles for successful futures trading.
  • Getting Funded and Evaluation Account Journey: Gaining insights into obtaining funding and navigating the evaluation account process through real-life stories and experiences.

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