Day Trading 101

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What You’ll Learn

  • Understanding the Stock Market: How the stock market operates, including exchanges and the role of market makers.
  • Essential Trading Concepts: Exploring order types and the analysis of chart patterns for effective trading.
  • Stock Trading Lingo and Slang: Familiarizing oneself with common terminology and slang used in the stock market for better communication.
  • Different Trader Types and Strategies: Understanding various trader types and their respective strategies in the market.
  • Technical Indicators and Chart Reading: Learning how to use technical indicators and interpret charts for trading analysis.
  • Risk Management and Paper Trading: Emphasizing the importance of risk management and the benefits of practicing with paper trading.
  • PDT Rule and Implications: Understanding the Pattern Day Trader (PDT) rule and its impact on trading activities.
  • Selecting the Right Broker: Evaluating key factors in choosing the most suitable broker for trading needs.
  • Course Outcome: Equipping participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the stock market, execute trades strategically, and make informed decisions based on technical analysis and chart patterns.
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