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Course Curriculum

  • What is a Futures Contract and How Does it Work?
  • S&P500 Futures Contract: An Overview
  • E-Mini Contract: Understanding the Basics
  • Margin Requirement for Trading E-Mini Contracts
  • Micro E-Mini Contract: A Smaller Alternative
  • Differences between E-Mini and Micro E-Mini Contracts
  • Benefits of Trading Futures Contracts Over Equities
  • Leverage in Futures Trading: Potentially High Returns but Greater Risk
  • Volatility in Futures Trading: Greater Potential Profits or Losses
  • Short Selling in Futures Trading: Profit from a Decline in Underlying Asset
  • Hedging in Futures Trading: Manage Risk with Price Movements of Underlying Asset
  • Liquidity in Futures Trading: Always Available Buyers or Sellers
  • Reasons why some traders prefer futures trading over stocks or options
  • Differences between futures contracts and options contracts
  • Commissions for futures trading and what to expect
  • Commission structures, including per-contract and volume discounts
  • Importance of comparing commission and fee structures before entering into futures trading.
  • Understanding the Profit Potential of E-Mini and Micro E-Mini Futures
  • E-Mini vs. Micro E-Mini Futures: Which Contract is Right for You?
  • Best Futures Contracts for Day Trading: Top 4 Popular Options
  • E-Mini S&P 500 Futures: A Barometer for the US Stock Market
  • Day Trading Gold Futures: A Safe-Haven Asset for Short-Term Profit
  • Common Mistakes New Traders Make When Switching to Futures
  • Areas Where Futures Traders Fail the Most
  • Strategies for New Traders to Succeed in Today’s Futures Market
  • The Importance of Risk Management in Futures Trading
  • Key Steps for New Futures Traders to Take Before Trading with Real Money
  • The Role of Trading Strategy in Winning and Losing in Futures Trading
  • The Importance of Risk Management for Successful Trading
  • Emotional Control: A Key Factor in Trading Success
  • Continuous Learning and Development in Trading
  • Discipline and Consistency: Essential Traits of a Winning Trader
  • Learn about patterns and strategies in trading
  • Discover how to trade patterns and strategies correctly
  • Find out how to make a profit using patterns and strategies
  • Learn how to consistently profit from patterns and strategies
  • Understanding Advanced Technical Analysis in Futures Trading
  • How Advanced Technical Analysis Helps Traders Make Informed Decisions
  • The Importance of Risk Management in Futures Trading
  • Identifying and Mitigating Risks in Futures Trading
  • Integrating Advanced Technical Analysis and Risk Management for Profitable Futures Trading
  • How To Pass An Evaluation Account
  • My Evaluation Account Story