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Trading Chatroom

Join our Daily Live Chatroom and become part of a community of day traders just like you! Watch as lead trader JesseW searches the stock & futures markets for an opportunity as well as the rest of the team of traders.

Educational Courses

Learn all the ins and outs of what it takes to become a day trader. Courses that cater to beginner, intermediate and advanced day traders. Learn how to apply technical analysis to your daily trades and learn how to become a consistent profitable trader.

Daily & Weekly Watchlist

Get access to daily watchlists that help you stay focused on the stocks that may present the best day trading opportunities of the day. A weekly watchlist is also extremely valuable as they allow you to formulate a plan before the week begins.

Live Trade Archives

This section is dedicated to archive most of our previous live day trades, this archive of videos is extremely valuable as it provides you a ton of proven trades that can be accessed at any time during the day or night.

All DTC Courses

What is the stock market 
How To Get Around PDT
Swing trader
Momentum scalper
Dip buyer 
Reading Charts
Candle Sticks
And More!

Learn what to expect as a new trader and set the right expectations. 

Understand why most traders fail and how to set yourself apart.

The importance of being a diverse day trader

Learn common patterns and understanding how to use them in different market conditions.

Understanding the importance of volume and learning how to use it correctly.

Combining volume with patterns in order to identify the right entrance.

Understanding how size plays a huge factor in fear.

Learning how to set plans to overcome fear.

Using psychology to get over FOMO.

Understanding human behavior and emotions. And using logic to overcome those emotions that hold you back or make you take the wrong trading positions. 

Day Trading 101
  • What is the stock market
  • What are stock market exchanges
  • What is a Market Maker
  • How does it all work together
  • Stock Trading Lingo/Slang


  • Types Of Orders
  • What is paper trading and why it is important
  • What is PDT Rule
  • How to pick a broker
  • What Type Of Trader Are You?
  • Swing trader
  • Momentum scalper
  • Dip buyer
  • Investor
  • How to read a Chart
  • Candle sticks (important ones to me)
  • Support resistance lines
  • Proven Chart Setups cover a couple
  • Volume bars
  • What is Level 2
  • What is Time and Sales
  • Volume Lesson
What is the stock market 
What are stock market exchanges 
What is a Market Maker 
How does it all work together 
Stock Trading Lingo/Slang
Types Of Orders (use your trade pro for this)
What is paper trading and why it is important 
What is PDT Rule
How to pick a broker 
What Type Of Trader Are You? 
Swing trader
Momentum scalper
Dip buyer 
How to read a Chart
Candle sticks 
Support resistance lines 
Proven Chart Setups 
Volume bars 
What is Level 2 
What is Time and Sales 
Volume Lesson 
Double Bottom
Cross Over Pattern
Old Resistance/New Support 
Bull Flags 
Trifecta Perfect Setup 
Cup & Handle
Trading multiple indicators/patterns is essential 
What is VWAP 
Common Moving Averages
Fibonacci Retracement Levels 

Chart Patterns in Detail

Chart Indicators

Using Patterns and Indicators to identify entry and exits

How to use the daily chart for intra day trading
How to establish a trading plan 
How To Manage Risk adjust size to keep risk the same etc
How to manage fear of buying
How to manage greed by establishing a plan 
How to manage FOMO
How to recognize you are revenge trading or on tilt 
How to avoid a blow up
How to set trading 

How to Find Stocks in the Pre-Market

How to Create a Watchlist

Transitioning to from a Simulator to a Live Account

Swing Trading
  • What is swing trading?
  • What charts I look at in order to gauge a swing trade.
  • Swing trading setups for continuation
  • Swing trading reversal setups
  • Phycology of a Swing Trader
  • How to manage risk as a Swing Trader
  • Things to watch for, such as, offerings on biotech, or high-intensive cash companies after big runs.
  • Finding Swing Trades and examples
Short Selling
  • What are options
  • What is a call & what is a put
  • What does in and out of the money mean
  • What is a strike
  • What is an exp date
  • What is intrinsic value
  • What is Extrinsic
  • Exercise Option
  • How to chose an exp date
  • How to chose a strike price
  • How to manage risk in options trading (% risk, exp date, strike price)
  • How to day trade an options contract
  • Importance of being a diverse traders.
  • Diverse trader

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