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Educational Services Provided

Trading Chatroom

Join our Daily Live Chatroom and become part of a community of day traders just like you! Watch as lead trader JesseW searches the stock & futures markets for an opportunity as well as the rest of the team of traders.

Live Trades

Watch and learn from JesseW as he trades live and comments why he chose the position and what his thought process was. Get all the insights of a consistent day trader as they happen.

Educational Courses

Learn all the ins and outs of what it takes to become a day trader. Courses that cater to beginner, intermediate and advanced day traders. Learn how to apply technical analysis to your daily trades and learn how to become a consistent profitable trader.

Streamed Stock Scanners & Charts

Take advantage of live no lag streaming of our stock scanners & charts free and watch as stocks hit the gap scans, high of day scanner or daily winner and losers list along with charting.

Educational Trade Alerts

Live Educational Alerts from JesseW and our moderators. These educational trade alerts will help you learn why JesseW enters and exits trades.

Live Trade Archives

This section is dedicated to archive most of our previous live day trades, this archive of videos is extremely valuable as it provides you a ton of proven trades that can be accessed at any time during the day or night.

Daily & Weekly Watchlist

Get access to daily watchlists that help you stay focused on the stocks that may present the best day trading opportunities of the day. A weekly watchlist is also extremely valuable as they allow you to formulate a plan before the week begins.

1 on 1 Mentorship

Our most valuable asset is having a consistently profitable trader that spends time with the students. 1on1 Mentorship allows our mentor JesseW to evaluate your trading style and give you specific feedback that can help you become a consistent trader.

Future Features

As a growing day trading chatroom, our team is constantly working on providing you all the available tools that the market has to offer. We encourage you to take advantage of the Yearly Subscription so that you don’t miss any of the great updates our site has to offer. 


Great question, our chatroom uses a high tech software that specializes in providing the fastest service around, the software specializes in working with top Trading Chatrooms. In addition to that, our site has been designed by top website engineers who have used the best software to support all the data needed to run it as smooth as possible.

Unlike other chatrooms that focus on hitting home run trades for marketing purposes all the while showing you pictures of Lambos and huge PnL swings. The main focus of the team at The Day Trader Chatroom is to teach you what has helped us achieve consistency in the markets. Real day traders focus on consistency and that is the focus of JesseW and The Day Trader Chatroom. 

Our chatroom offers Automatic Renewals. This will ensures that your account stays active through your renewal period and you don’t miss any days of trading, but most importantly it locks in your Specials so that future price increases don’t affect you. 

Your price is your price and it will always be the same as long as your account is active. If it expires and you don’t renew within 10 days then your account will be considered inactive and you will be subject to the current pricing for new accounts.

Right away! By sign up to our community, you will have full access to all of the features within your membership level. You can watch videos, read newsletters and start your educational courses right away. If you happen to sign up during trading hours you will be able dive right in and start taking advantage of all the alerts and join in the fun.

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Those who would like an affiliate link, simply scroll to the bottom of the page and chose the option AFFILIATE PROGRAM.

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