Topstep's New Simplified and Efficient One Rule Trading Program

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Topstep is revolutionizing the world of trading with its Trading program, offering traders a streamlined path to funding and an industry-leading payout policy. With just one step and one rule, traders can now earn funding in as little as four days and pay themselves up to four times a month. This article explores the key features of the Topstep’s Combine program and the benefits it offers to aspiring traders.

One Rule: Don’t Exceed Your Maximum Loss Limit

The cornerstone of the program is its one rule: Don’t Exceed Your Maximum Loss Limit (MLL). The MLL represents the maximum allowable loss in your trading account, which is recalculated daily based on your realized profits. Violating this rule will result in disqualification from the program, emphasizing the importance of risk management and discipline.

The MLL acts as a powerful tool to instill discipline and enhance your risk management skills. By adhering to this rule, traders develop a heightened sense of responsibility and learn to protect their capital, an essential aspect of long-term trading success.

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Industry Tip: Trailing Max. Drawdown and its Pitfalls

When evaluating prop firms, traders must exercise caution when encountering those with a Trailing Max. Drawdown feature. This mechanism calculates unrealized profits intraday and tracks profitable open positions. Unfortunately, this approach hinders skill development and makes it exceedingly difficult to earn funding. Topstep, as the number one prop firm, provides a superior alternative by eliminating such limitations.

Follow Your Trading Plan

A key element of the program is the emphasis on following a well-defined Trading Plan. This plan acts as a roadmap, demonstrating consistent and profitable results while instilling discipline in traders. It highlights specific targets that do not lead to rule breaks, including:

  1. Profit Target: Reach and maintain the profit target set by your plan.
  2. Consistency Target: Show more than one significant trading day, with the best day’s profits kept below 30% of the total profits. This target encourages traders to lock in good trading days, ensuring long-term stability.
  3. Daily Loss Limit: Avoid hitting or exceeding the Daily Loss Limit, as it leads to temporary account deactivation for that trading day.

The Best Payout Policy

Once traders graduate as Funded Traders, they gain access to the most straightforward and speedy payout policy in the industry. Traders can request payouts after accumulating five winning days with profits exceeding $200. These winning days do not need to be consecutive, providing flexibility and opportunity for traders to strategize effectively.

Traders can take up to 50% of their account balance with each payout request, ensuring a steady stream of income. It is advisable for traders to maintain a cushion in their account after each payout to sustain their trading activities. However, the payout policy becomes even more advantageous as traders can take 100% of their winnings, up to $10,000. Once the $10,000 threshold is reached, the account transitions to the 90/10 Profit Split, where traders retain 90% of their profits.

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Topstep’s trading program offers a game-changing opportunity for traders to accelerate their trading careers. With just one step and one rule, traders can earn funding in a remarkably short time while honing their risk management skills and discipline. By adhering to the Maximum Loss Limit (MLL), traders learn to protect their capital and develop responsible trading habits.

Topstep distinguishes itself from other prop firms by eliminating the pitfalls of Trailing Max. Drawdown features that hinder skill development. Additionally, traders can lock in the best price ever by becoming a member and starting their evaluation before the specified deadline.

The trading program emphasizes the importance of following a well-defined Trading Plan, allowing traders to showcase consistent and profitable results while maintaining discipline. Once traders graduate and become Funded Traders, they benefit from an industry-leading payout policy, allowing them to pay themselves up to four times a month by meeting specific criteria.

In summary, Topstep’s trading program provides a clear and efficient path to funding for aspiring traders. By focusing on one step and one rule, traders can fast-track their success in the trading world while benefiting from Topstep’s transparent pricing, superior payout policy, and emphasis on risk management and discipline. Unlock your trading potential with Topstep and pave the way for a thriving trading career.

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