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How to find stock to swing trade

How to find stock to swing trade is a questions most new traders ask. The answer to it, it’s almost always, better education in the market. Read More

How to Find Stocks to Swing Trade, Day Trading Blogs
Basic day trading rules

There are many basic day trading rules one must follow when looking into becoming a successful day trader. But these are the most important. Read More

Best laptop for stock trading,Basic Day Trading Rules, definition of shorting a stock, Day Trading Blogs
How to not lose money trading

A question we got a lot is, how to not lose money trading. The best way to answer this question is with one phrase. Proper Risk Management. Read More

how to not lose money trading, Day Trading Blogs
How Much Do Day Traders Make

How much do day traders make? $5, $100, $2,000, well that all depends. But the real questions should be how much can they make consistently. Read More

Day Trading Blogs
Trade ideas at dtc, Day Trading Resources
Day Trading Resources
Day Trading Resources
Day Trading Resources

Free beginner day Trading course tailored just for you

chapter 1 - Stock Market 101

The ground floor basics for those who are just starting in this awesome world of Day Trading

chapter 2 - Types of traders

There are many different types of Traders out there, this lesson goes over the different types.

Chapter 3 - Intro to trading charts

Intro to reading charts has never been easier.

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Day Trading Resources

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Video Lesson Library

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In our lesson library we have hundreds of hours of training lessons, that include some of the following topics. Trading Psychology, Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Market Behavior, Live Trading Recaps and More.

Terms & Abbreviations

Day Trading Resources

Just like the name implies, we have a section that focus on stock market terms and abbreviations. This content packed archive is an amazing section where it helps traders of any level understand stock market lingo and vocabulary. 

Chart indicators

We have a fantastic section where it focuses on Chart Indicators and explaining their functions. This content is great for any beginner just getting into the market, intermediates who are looking to add indicators to their charts or advance traders that may need to brush up on their basics.

Day Trading Resources

Trading Strategies

This is one of the most important sections of our site. The Trading Strategy archive contains the most popular and most used strategies used today in the market. It also provides detailed explanations in how to use them in the market to profit with them.

Day Trading Resources


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Live Stock Charts

Day Trading Resources

We offer a live chart for all of our members who would want to get access to a great versatile charting system. The chart is web based and allows members to do research and add as many indicators as they want. 

Stock Scanners

trading chat room at the dtc, how to pick a good stock for day trading, Day Trading Blogs

Stock Scanners are streamed daily by our mentors for our members as they use the scanners throughout the day to find the next possible trade.

Winners & Losers

Trade ideas at dtc, Day Trading Resources

This great tool is used by many trades who which to have quick access to the market top winners and top losers. 

Market Screeners

We offer a fully customizable screener to all of our members. This is one of the most important research tools for any trader who wishes to scan the market for certain criteria. This screener offers dozens of filters allowing members to fine tune their perfect watchlist. 

Day Trading Resources

Crypto Market

The Crypto Market is heating up again and many people are looking into them once more. Our crypto tool allows members to stay updated with the crypto market throughout the day with very little effort.

Day Trading Resources


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Other tools members have access to

Stock Scanners

Stock Scanners are streamed daily by our mentors for our members as they use the scanners throughout the day to find the next possible trade. This amazing no lag stream has a range of features that will help any trader of all experience levels understand the market in order to make the right move. The stock Scanners are essential for Day Trading; Premarket Gap Scanner; High of Day Momentum Scanners, Sector Scanners, Volume Scanners and more are just a small fraction of the tools you will have access to within our chatroom. These scanners and more are available for our members as great day trading resources.

Interactive training Mentorship

Interactive Training is a new way to learn how to trade in the stock market where you are placed in real life scenarios and are given a choice. This revolutionary new way of training helps you learn different patterns and helps you adapt to different situations before they happen, helping you make proactive decisions which makes you a more consistent profitable trader. 

One on One Mentorship

Our most valuable asset is having a consistently profitable trader that spends time with the students. 1on1 Mentorship allows our mentor JesseW to evaluate your trading style and give you specific feedback that can help you become a consistent trader. Trading is not hard, anyone can hit Buy or Sell button, but, trading daily and making consistent profit now that’s hard. You can spend years losing money and trying to figure it out or you can spend a few hours with someone who knows how to do it correctly that can teach you how to tweak your decisions that will help you be a consistent trader.

Trade Alerts

A great feature we offer is live educational trade alerts, these will help you learn why JesseW enter and exit a trade. The educational trade alerts given by JesseW and moderators teach you when, how and why they are or are not jumping in on a specific stock.  These trade alerts are very important key that will you understand how to become a consistent profitable trader. Great day trading resources have never been more important before.


Get access to daily watchlists that help you stay focused on the stocks that may present the best day trading opportunities of the day. A weekly watchlist is also extremely valuable as they allow you to formulate a plan before the week begins. 

Get access to our free day trading weekly watchlist now.

Trading Courses

Learn all the ins and outs of what it takes to become a day trader. Courses that cater to beginner, intermediate and advanced day traders. Learn how to apply technical analysis to your daily trades and learn how to become a consistent profitable trader. 

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