Learn how to be consistently profitable in your day trading career

Who we are

The Day Trader Chat Room is composed of a group of day traders with the will to teach our peers to trade and profit consistently.

What we do

We offer a platform where day traders like you get access to all the necessary tools that can help you become consistently profitable.

Why we started

We got tired of all the Fake Gurus with all the unattainable fake numbers and decided to open a day trading chat room for the real everyday day trader.

What do you get

Trusted day trading Chat Room, access to amazing day trading Courses, Live Trade Alerts, Stock Scanners, 1on1 Sessions, and much more.


Tools and Features you will get at the day trader chat room


Experienced Mentors

Get access to years of experience on a daily basis and trade live with them in this crazy unstable market.


Affordable Pricing

Our site offers multiple plans, all with their tools and resources to best suit the traders at different levels.


Daily Live Chatroom

The best tool we offer is a day trading chatroom full of mentors with the will to help each member become a consistent profitable trader.


Great Community

Joining a community of members like you will help you become more confident in your trading career.

Educational Alerts

Live trade alerts will help you learn why mentors enter and exit trades and teach you discipline and rules in how to chose a trade.

Educational Courses

Day Trading Courses that cater to beginner, intermediate and advanced day traders. Plus a never-ending video lesson library that grows daily.

get a free day trading course Now

The Day Trader Chat Room is the only place where you can get access to a full Free Beginner Day Trading Course. Learn the basics and get started in your journey today. You can also check all of our day trading courses.


"The day I became consistently profitable, that is the day I became a day trader.
But, The Day Trader Chatroom is NOT about ME or how good I am.
BUT, how GOOD we can help YOU Become!
Join us today and start your journey into consistency. "

Our Memberships


1 Month Access
  • Get access to our trading chatroom, beginner course, intermediate course, over 100 video lessons and a wide variety of tools, resources and more.


6 Month Access
  • This membership provides the same benefits from the monthly, plus the following courses, day trading 101, advance trading, options trading, and of course a locked-in price.


12 Month Access
  • Our most popular membership includes all of the aforementioned benefits plus, all the future courses to come. And finally a free 1on1 hour session with JesseW.

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