Learn how to become a consistently profitable day trader

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The Day Trader Chat Room is composed of a group of experienced traders with the will to teach our peers to trade and profit consistently.

We offer a platform where day traders like you get access to all the necessary tools that can help you become consistently profitable.

Why we started

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We got tired of all the Fake Gurus with all the unattainable fake numbers and decided to launch day trading education for the real everyday day trader.

 You will get access to day trading courses, designed to help beginners and advanced traders become profitable, plus a wide variety of trading resources.

DTC Education

DTC Courses

Get access to our stock trading courses, where anyone no matter the skill level can learn to become a profitable trader. Our courses include Day Trading 101, Advanced Trading, Options, Swing Trading, Short Selling hundreds of lessons plus an upcoming Futures course.

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Educational Courses
Educational Courses
Trading tools
Trader Resources

Trading Courses

We offer day trading courses to many different type of traders. From beginners to the most advanced.


Free Live Chatroom

The best tool we offer is a day trading chatroom full of mentors with the will to help each member become a consistent profitable trader.

Trading Resources

Get access to tons of resources all compiled in one place, specifically made to help traders become more profitable.

Video Lesson Library

We currently have over 200 video lessons available to all of our members. A never-ending library since we add videos daily

Get our free day trading course Now

The Day Trader Chat Room is the only place where you can get access to a full Free Beginner Day Trading Course. With this course, you will be able to learn the basics of day trading as you begin your trading journey.

What we do for you

All-in-one platform for day traders 

A diverse range of courses for any skill set – from novice traders to experienced professionals

Tools such as video lessons charting software, screeners, market research, and 1on1 sessions

Over 80% accuracy has been achieved by users taking full advantage of the system since our launch

This platform provides more than just gains – it helps members grow and progress independently

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